Hope Center is an institution for early childhood education and adults with disabilities. Their primary services include a high-quality preschool program for 2 ½ -5-year-olds, and a vocational day program for the adults and parent/providers. Hope Center is a strong community advocate for equity and equality in the communities they serve and are known for their nationally recognized curriculum and high-quality learning experiences. In addition to general education, the center provides special needs preschool for children who have been identified with delays in areas of speech and behavior. They also support “at-risk” children who are bilingual or multicultural with an experiential and language-based curriculum which is an especially useful care resource for working parents. One of their other more innovative programs is focused on providing a gifted program for preschool students ages 3 – 4 years and Kindergarteners age 5. The Hope Center’s program is uniquely designed for inner city children of color.


The vocational program for adults with disabilities provides supervision, employment, assessment, community activities, training and placement for adults with developmental disabilities.  The President/CEO of Hope Center is actively involved with organizations and policy initiatives surrounding housing, education, youth development, job development and more.


Hope Center provides educational and vocational opportunities for special-needs and at-risk children and adults from 2-1/2 to adulthood. Hope offers the following programs:

  • Toddler Program: 2-1/2 to 3 years

  • Preschool: ages 3 to 5 years

  • Hope Academy Gifted Preschool: ages 3 to 4

  • Hope Academy Gifted Kindergarten: age 5 (up to 8 yrs. summer only)

  • Extended Preschool: ages 2-1/2 to 5

  • Work Activities Program

  • Basic Skills Program





Gerri Gomez Howard – Chair

Janell Lindsey – Vice Chair

Mary Davis – Treasurer

LaDawn Sullivan – Board Member

C.T. Smith – Board Member

Gerie Grimes

Mission statement

HOPE Center is a community-based agency dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, developmental delays and persons in need of specialized educational or vocational services. These services are provided in order to develop, maintain, and enhance the functioning of each enrollee.

The philosophy of service is to admit individuals to programs within our agency which meet their needs and requirements as specifically as possible. Length of service within a given program is dependent upon assessed individual needs, program goals and objectives. Enrollees will be served in a normal environment with services assessed periodically to evaluate the program.

All enrollees of HOPE Center will be treated with dignity and respect and will be accorded the civil and human rights to which they are entitled.

Vision StatEment

All children and adults receive the opportunity

to thrive with quality education.

Diverse Kindergarten