Education and Development for Life's Most Impressionable Years

At Hope Center we believe that the early years represent the most precious time of life, when every human shapes most of his/her other fundamental traits that immeasurably affect the remainder of their life. Consequently, the staff at Hope Center’s Early Childhood Program is committed to providing the highest, most personalized level of education and training possible to children from all backgrounds ages 2-1/2 to 8.

Unfortunately, this most formative time of life can be particularly challenging to children residing in the inner city. Frequently, social and economic conditions combined with special needs tend to negatively inflict tender lives. We work hard to counter such childhood impediments, endeavoring to provide each child with the skills and education needed for a long, fulfilling life. Our conviction is that each child must be treated and nurtured as an individual with individual needs. Therefore, our mission is to match every child to programs and services specific to his or her needs and requirements.

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