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Hope Center History

HOPE Center is an institution for early childhood education and adults with disabilities, founded in 1962 with six children and two teachers.  Today, the Center has a daily enrollment of over 200 children and 35 adults, with an average staff of 30, and is nationally recognized for its curriculum and high-quality learning experiences.  HOPE Center is a strong community advocate for education equity and equality in the communities we serve, including northeast Denver and Park Hill.


Our mission is to match every child and adult to programs and services specific to their needs and requirements.  In doing so, provide quality education and support services to children and adults regardless of their ability.  To be a place where the unique educational needs of children and adults are addressed, where culture is embraced and reflected, and where dreams can have an early start to becoming fulfilled.


That all children and adults have the opportunity to thrive with quality education.  To meet the individual needs of those whom we serve so that they may have the opportunity to thrive with quality education and vocational services.


Providing a positive, enriching and nurturing space where students are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve and are entitled to.

Hope Center Kids

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