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Vocational Education Program:
Providing Not Just Training But a Lifetime of Self-Worth

The HOPE Center Vocational Programs provide supervision, employment, assessment, community activities, training and placement to adults from the age of 16 diagnosed with developmental disabilities.  Our professional and personal commitment is to develop the whole person for a more significant and long-term impact.

Adults with disabilities are often segregated, divided from mainstream society and isolated. This is why the vocational facility is in the heart of a diverse and active community.  We believe that individuals with developmental disabilities benefit society and themselves far more by being fully connected to the world at large. That is why you'll find our facility in the community's core, where the community is integrated into our programs through collaborative neighborhood partnerships.

Our clients do all this and more as part of our dedication to the principle that every human being is capable of serving the community and, in return, developing as a fulfilled, caring and motivated individual.

Programs for Adults

We offer a vocational day program for adults and parents/providers.  The vocational program for adults with disabilities provides supervision, employment, assessment, community activities, training and placement for adults with developmental disabilities. 

  • Work Activities Program

  • Basic Skills Program

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