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Cassandra P. Craft


Cassandra Craft has been with the Hope Center for 25 years. She welcomes every child and their family to the Hope Center, knowing they will receive a high-quality and culturally rich early childhood learning experience designed to build their foundation to become lifelong learners. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management and an MBA in Administration. In addition to her degrees, she holds a Level VI Credential, is Director Qualified, and received a grad certificate in Early Care and Education Leadership from the University of Denver. As a participant in the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program, it awakened her passion for learning about the science and research on children's brain and development.   Craft is a founding member and Affiliate President for the National Black Child Development Institute Denver Chapter and a founding member of Righteous Rage Institute for Healing and Social Justice. She is a mother of three, who are all Hope Center alumni.

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